The Medicine King Coffin (2022)

The Medicine King Coffin (2022)


In the early years of the Republic He Changsheng followed his grandfather around the world and learned a lot about medicine. One day, while He and Hu are tending to the shop, a woman dressed as a Miao, Ah Man, comes to the door and asks He Changsheng to pay his father's debt to his son and fulfil his promise.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre:Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Historical;


Jason Sze (1990), Xu Xiao Sa (1987), Li Ming (1966), Wang Jun Peng (1982), Zimo Yang (1989), Qiu Bin (1983), Wang Gang (1964), Zhang Kai Yi (1988), Su Hai Rong (1984), Gao Ming (1993)

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