One Day, You Will Reach The Sea (2022)

One Day, You Will Reach the Sea (2022)


This work is a 12-year story of Mana, a woman who cannot accept the death of her best friend, staring at her as she tries to step forward while having deep sorrow.

Adapted from the novel "Yagate Umi e to Todoku" (やがて海へと届く) by Ayase Maru.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre:Drama; Friendship; life; Novel;


Mitsuishi Ken (1961), Tsuruta Mayu (1970), Nakajima Tomoko (1971 Jun), Sugino Yosuke (1995), Kishii Yukino (1992), Hamabe Minami (2000), Shintani Yuzumi (2003), Nakazaki Haya (1991), Miyama Nayu (2000)

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