On The Line (2021)

On the Line (2021)


The story is about Seo Joon, who loses everything to voice phishing and infiltrates the organization in China to meet Kwak Pro, the designer behind this system.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre:Action; Crime; Investigation; Mystery; Revenge;


Byeon Yo Han (1986), Won Jin Ah (1991), Kim Moo Yeol (1982), Choi Byeong Mo (1972), Ok Ja Yeon (1988), Kim Hee Won (1971), Yoon Byeong Hee (1981), Lee Kyu Seong (1992), Park Myeong Hoon (1975), Lee Joo Yeong (1987), Lee Shi Hoo (1978)

On the Line (2021) Trailer:
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