Rugal (2020)

Rugal (2020)

Other name: 루갈Lugal


Kang Ki Beom is an elite police officer whose attempt to bring down Argos, a nationwide criminal organization, results in a group of masked assailants from Argos killing his beloved wife and cutting out both of his eyes. Kang wakes up in a hospital only to find himself accused of murdering his family members. The NIS then approaches him with an offer to become a member of Rugal, a special team organized by the NIS. He receives two artificial eyes with Rugal's biotechnology built into them and with them gains unique new abilities with which to take down criminal organizations. Kang Ki Beom and Rugal set out on a mission to wipe out Argos.

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre:Action; Crime; Drama; Revenge; Sci-fi; Thriller;


Choi Jin Hyeok (1986), Park Seong Woong (1973), Jo Dong Hyeok (1977), Jeong Hye In (1990), Kim Min Sang (1968), Park Seon Ho (1993), Han Ji Wan (1987), Jang In Seob (1987), Jang Seo Kyeong (1991), Park Choong Seon (1964), Yoo Sang Hoon, Kim In Woo (1969), Yoo Ji Yeon (1979), Ji Dae Han (1969), Kim Da Hyeon (1980), Lee Bo Hyeon (1981), Choi Beom Ho (1964), Kwon Hong Seok (1967), Kim Kyoo Bin (2007), Yoon Jong Won, Lee Seo El, Im Yong Soon (1965), Park Jeong Hak (1964), Kim Yoon Hong, Yoo Hyeong Kwan (1962), Kim Jong Goo (1955), Kim So Ri (CoCoSoRi) (1990), Dong Hyeon Bae (1983), Seo Wang Seok (1978), Jang Jae Kwon (1976), Yoon Hee Won (1970), Jo Yi Hyeon (2010), Choi Moon Keong, Noh Kyeong (1986), Bang Woo Ho (1978), Lee Da Kyeong (2006), Song Chae Yoon (2000), Han Ki Yoon (1998), Lee Kyeong Oh (1966), Kim Ok Joo (1977), Na Seok Min (1984), Jeon Soo Hyeon (1993), Jang Cheol Soon, Kang Seok Won (1979), Han Tae Hee (1974), Park Gi Ryoong (1968), Lee Ho Jeong (1997 Jan), Im Jeong Min (1973), Eom Ok Ran (1970), Park Shin Woon (1982), Jeong Jae Heon (1984)

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