Part-time Mello (2021)

Part-time Mello (2021)

Other name: 파트타임 멜로Pateutaim MelloPart-Time MeloPart-time MelodramaYou can Find Love at a Part-time Job?


Seul Mi gets a part-time job at 'Sol&Pub' after giving up on becoming a civil servant.

She dreams of new experiences and romance, but instead, unexpected things happen…

From her coworkers that don't get along to a selfish manager that dumps his mistakes on someone else!

Incompatible chemistry part-time job romance between opposites begin.

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2021

Genre:Romance; Web Series;


Lee Eun Sang (2002), Lee Sang Hyeok (Dawon - SF9) (1995), Park Soo Ah (1998), Min Soo Hwa, Jeong Dae Ro (1991), Han Soo Ah (1998)

Part-time Mello (2021) Trailer: