MINE (2021)

MINE (2021)

Other name: 마인 : MINE블루다이아BeulludaiaMain : MINEBlue Diamond


Seo Hee Soo, a former top actress and the second daughter-in-law of the chaebol group Hyowon. As she puts in all sorts of effort after entering the new and covert world of chaebol families, Seo Hee Soo manages to keep her presence and true colors with confidence in everything she does.

Hyowon group’s first daughter-in-law Jung Seo Hyun, who is a chaebol down to her bones. Born from a traditional and powerfully wealthy family, Jung Seo Hyun was born with elegance, dignity, and intelligence. She is also rational to the point that she can maintain a cold expression no matter the situation.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre:Drama; Hidden Identity; Mystery; Romance;


Park Won Sook (1949), Park Soo Jin (1985), Lee Bo Yeong (1979), Park Hyeok Kwon (1971), Kim Jeong Hwa (1983), Park Seong Yeon (1975), Cha Hak Yeon (N - VIXX) (1990), Jeong Dong Hwan (1949), Song Seon Mi (1974), Kim Seo Hyeong (1973), Ye Soo Jeong (1955), Kim Hee Chang (1976), Kwon So Hyeon (1987), Ok Ja Yeon (1988), Ri Min (1972), Lee Ji Hyeon (1972), Seong Chan Ho (1964), Han Yeo Wool (1988), Kim Ha Rin (1988), Kim Yool Ho (1985), Lee Hyeon Wook (1985), Jo Yoon Seo (1993), Song Kyeong Eui (1967), Lee Ka Kyeong (1987), Gil Geum Seong (1978), Kim Hye Hwa (1982), Oh Jeong Yeon (1983), Jeong Yeong Do (1986), Kim Yong Jin (1981), Kim Nam Jin (1960), Yoon Geum Seon Ah, Lee Joong Ok (1979), Jeong Yoon Ha (1986), Jeong Hyeon Joon (2011), Jeong Yi Seo (1993), Choi Soo Im (1989), Kim Seon Kyeong (1977), Seo Seong Jong, Kim Dae Han (1992), Lee Seok Koo (1950), Choi Yeong Min (1984), Lee Yoon Jae (1972), Jo Hye Won (1994), Kwak Na Yeon, Lee Dong Kyoo (1977), Kim Ji Woo (2011), Song Yeong Ah (1996), Jang Deok Joo (1979), Jin Yoo Chan (2012), Jang Ha Eun (1999), Jeong Soo Han (1975), Ma Jeong Pil (1970), Lee Jae Woo (1972), Ki Hwan (1983), Jo Eun Sol (1990), Lee Eun Kang (1975), Park Na Jin (1987), Choi Hyeon Jin (2008), Park Sang Yeong (1973), Song Seung Hwan (2006), Seol Yoon Hee (1990), Lee Woo Shin (1960), Im Jae Myeong (1970), Oh Kyoo Taek (1971), Kim Christine (1988), Jang Ha Eun (1970), Kim Woo Dam (1992), Ahn Ji Hye (1989), Choi Yeong Joon (1980), Jeong Tae In (1981), Lee Ji Hyeon (1980), Kim Joo Ah (1967), Oh Ah Rin (1990), Park Hee Yeon (1983), Kim Yi Seo (1996), Kim Hyo Jin (1959)

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