Love With Blackbelly Lord Season 1 (2020)

Love with Blackbelly Lord Season 1 (2020)

Other name: Love with Blackbelly Lord 1 , The Black-Bellied Evil Prince is Spoiled 1 , Fu Hei Xie Wang Chong Ru Gu Di Yi Ji , Fuk Haak Che Wong Chung Yao Gwat Dai Yat Gwai , 腹黑邪王宠入骨第一季 , 恋上傻公主 第一季 , 腹黑邪王寵入骨 第一季,


The Central Plains has four countries which is Dongyue, Ximing, Southern Xinjiang, and Beiling, which divide the world equally. Modern secret agent Su Qing Ying failed a bomb demolition mission. Then, She crossing to other time era and became the fifth princess of Dongyue Kingdom with the same name and surname. Su Qing Ying woke up in a ruined temple, and all kinds of memories flashed, letting her know her identity and fate in this era. From the clues of the memories, she discovered that her fiance, Xuan Yuan Che, king of Ximing Kingdom, tricked her into the ruined temple and set a trap to try to destroy the marriage, but because of the identity of the secret agent, Su Qin Ying easily escaped this catastrophe. After escaping from the ruined temple, she met the male protagonist Jun Li Ye who was healing in the woods. In the night, Jun Li Ye, the regent of the Beiling, was angry and speechless at the sudden modern Su Qing Ying, who did not know that the fate of the two through the ages began.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre:Family; Historical; Romance;

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