In The Storm (2022)

In The Storm (2022)

Other name: 黑金風暴黑金风暴Hei Jin Feng BaoHak Gam Fung BouIn The Storm – Black Gold StormГроза


It mainly tells the story of Wei Jing Sheng, the senior inspector of the serious crime team, and He Wei Lian, the senior investigation director of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption. The corruption forces of the top social network gradually surfaced.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2022

Genre:Action; Crime; Investigation; Mystery; Suspense;


Raymond Wong (1975), Lawrence Ng (1964), Raymond Lam, Oscar Leung (1979), Hugo Ng (1959), Chrissie Chau (1985), Lynn Hung (1981), Sam Lee (1975), Shiga Lin (1988), Martin Tong (1973), Karen Lee (1979), Aka Chio (1989), Ronald Law (1984), Cheng Chu Fung (1955)

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